The top 5 for audit firms to attract new clients

How do accountants find new clients?
Finding new customers can be time consuming and costly. But it doesn't have to be that way! Syneton has been looking for opportunities for accountancy firms to be able to attract new customers in a natural way, without large budgets. The result: these 5 top marketing tips for accountants!

#Marketingtip 1: Network

Only 25% of people believe ads, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends!

Word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising. Ask friends, family and your satisfied customers to tell potential interested parties that you offer accountancy services. 
It's better to tell them if you make it easy for them; if they can share something (on social media, for example) or pass it on (your business card). So pay some attention to something your customers and acquaintances can share.

People who are looking for an accountant or accountant would like to know what others think about your services. Make it easy for them to find it. Ask your satisfied customers why they are satisfied with your work and quote them on your website. 79% of people think customer testimonials are as reliable as recommendations from friends!

#Marketingtip 2: In your area

Starters and (small) SMEs usually look for an accountant in their neighbourhood. Is your office easy to find, both on the internet and physically? Does the outside of your office show exactly what you do and for what type of clients? Are the services that starters or small SMEs need on your website?
Contact the small SMEs and start-ups in your area. Indicate which services you provide that are of interest to them. Offer them a free introductory meeting.
An overview of starters can be found in the start-up tool "starters in your area" on the Unizo website. You then have to find the contact details yourself (by looking for the website of the starter, for example). 

#Marketingtip 3: Digital en social

Your customers and prospective customers are online and are looking for information about you on the internet. Make sure they find you through:

Your own website

A website is a must. This does not mean that you need to have an extensive hip site, but it does mean that you need to be able to be found online.

Ideally, you should have a site that works well on smartphones, tablets and regular computers. Search engines like Google find such sites ("mobile friendly") better.

What do you put on your site at least? 

  • Your contact details. Make it more personal with a picture of your team or yourself. Think broadly in terms of "contact details": of course you will include your email address, phone number and address (preferably with a Google Maps map). Also include links to your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile or other social media accounts. 
  • A clear description of your activities. Think of the customers you want: what are they looking for? Mention the services you offer them.

Of course, this is also the place to be for your customers' testimonials about your accounting firm. 

Omit a "news" or "blog" section if you are not sure that you will be able to continue to update it. Better a site without news than one with old news!

Check a few times a year that all the information on your website is still up to date.


LinkedIn is the largest social network of professionals. Keep your profile up to date, so that your experience and services are clearly visible. Participate in discussion groups and build an online network.

Facebook page

Create a Facebook page for your office and keep it professional and up-to-date. This page is separate from your Facebook profile and only serves to promote your office. So be sure to put customer testimonials on it!

Other social media

There is always an evolution in the popularity of social media. Young people, for example, use more Snapchat and Instagram. Do you have to follow and communicate through all these channels? That's not sustainable! It is better to choose a few channels and keep an active eye on them than to try to be present everywhere.

#Marketingtip 4: freelancers network

On a freelance network, freelancers and clients find each other. On these networks you can describe your profile, promote your experiences and skills and find assignments. You can also find partners to work with. Make an account on a freelance network.

#Marketingtip 5: business network

Join a business network. A business network helps you to get to know the entrepreneurs in your area in person. Meeting days, seminars and parties allow you to meet other entrepreneurs. This allows you to build up a network of specialists and to refer people to entrepreneurs from your network. These in turn will refer people to you.

No time to attract new customers?

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