Profit through efficiency

Profit through efficiency
In an efficient office, every employee knows what the highest priority is today for an optimal result, everything is billed on time and correctly, all customer data is quickly available (wherever you are and whatever time it is), your customers pay on time and everything runs smoothly.

In this blog post you will find 5 tips to make your office more efficient!


A lot of work comes back regularly, and you have to repeat it for different customers. Study these activities: what often leads to mistakes? What is cumbersome or time-consuming? Is every step really necessary?

Based on your findings, you will draw up a step-by-step plan for each activity. In this plan you describe in detail and in order each step that needs to be taken. The aim is that for each activity 80% of the cases can be fully completed via this standard step-by-step plan.  

Advantages of standardization are:

  • New employees are trained faster
  • Employees can take over each other's files more easily
  • The quality will be uniformly high


You will certainly be able to automate some of the standard processes. For example, the automatic collection of payments with the help of CODA, the automatic sending of payment reminders to less punctual payers, the automatic registration of the time that each task takes,...

Make sure you use tools that warn you in advance, for example when deadlines are approaching, so that you still have time to intervene.


Delegating tasks is not only good for yourself, but also for your employees. This allows them to develop and grow new skills. Make sure you have an overview of who is doing what. I advise you to use an automatic tool for this!


If you work more efficiently and save time, but you invoice according to the "hourly bill" method, then the profit of all your efforts disappears into the pockets of your customers! That is probably not the intention ;-)

"Hourly billing" is a bad idea for several reasons: not only are you short of yourself, you also make your customers dissatisfied!

  • Your customers have no idea how time consuming the work you do for them is. They will probably find that you take too long and bill them too much.
  • Your customers also know that "hourly billing" rewards inefficiency: the slower you work, the more you can invoice.

It is better to invoice according to a subscription or flat rate. If you have tracked how much work you have done for each customer in the past, you can base the amount on that. Exceptional services can still be invoiced separately. This way, your customer knows much better where he stands.