Document Management (DMS)

Quickly find the documents and mails of your entire accountancy practice with the Document Management System in AdminPulse.

  • AdminPulse generates personalised documents and emails. 
  • Your AdminPulse has its own mailbox: send documents to this mailbox to be stored in AdminPulse.
  • AdminPulse recognises documents and stores them intelligently
  • Based on what is in the recognised documents, AdminPulse can change the status of tasks
  • AdminPulse automatically links documents to the right relations, tasks, etc.
  • AdminPulse's intelligent document recognition recognises receipts and checks off the corresponding tasks. Amongst others VAT declaration, VAT listing, tax declaration, UBO Register, etc.
  • Create a folder structure tailored to your accountancy firm, without restrictions
  • Create labels and link them to documents
  • History of communications and documents

​​​​​​​Want to try it out right away? Try AdminPulse one month for free! 

AdminPulse document management system and smart document recognition
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