Customer relations

Are your customer data in different files? In a list of address details, in another list of invoices and in another list of tasks?

From now on, the cutting and pasting of customer data and all that duplication is done! All your customer data together, so that a change of address, for example, only needs to be entered once.

The relationship management module is the heart of the system. It stores all data about your customers and contacts. All your contacts are centralized in a permanent file, linked to all your tasks, invoicing, etc. So you have per customer:

  • all legal information: date of filing of articles of association, incorporation, capital data, NSSO, place and time of the GC, ...

  • All accounting information: powers of attorney, VAT periodicity, structured communications, prepayments,...

  • task overview: what services and tasks we do for this client

  • all your (new) customers are created in seconds in the software

  • All information for invoicing: payment terms, discounts, lump sums,...

Add new files quickly: AdminPulse retrieves the data from the CSAM mandate list or from the CBE.

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