Make it easy to pay

Make it easy to pay
Make sure your customers can pay you easily!

Do you spend more and more time monitoring the payment of your invoices? Are your collection costs running out of steam?

For an average of 1 in 5 invoices, a reminder is sent and follow-up is necessary. Reminding defaulters is expensive and time consuming. In an emergency, you even have to submit a file to a bailiff. Late payments limit your growth ambitions!

With POM, you place a QR code on your invoice that can easily be scanned with a smartphone. Then a payment page opens where the payment details are pre-filled and the payment can be made immediately via Bancontact (mobile or with a card and card reader).

Your customer will also benefit from this! He will be grateful to you for not having to type in any more payment information. That manual work has a high risk of errors, and let us be honest, making payments is just not fun. The ease of payment with the POM QR code is great and you position yourself as an innovative and progressive office.

A real win-win!

Concretely: The QR code with payment link is placed on every PDF invoice. The e-mail that accompanies the PDF invoice automatically contains a payment button. Your customer scans the QR code and can easily pay with Bancontact!

In AdminPulse you can set up the connection with POM yourself via the Connect page. Each new invoice will then contain a QR code and the payment button in each accompanying e-mail. Read all about it here.