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Customer testimonial AdminPulse software office management accountants cloudsolution

"AdminPulse that's 1-2-3 =

It's not a promotional slogan, it's reality:

  1. With AdminPulse, you can start up your office administration in less than an hour. And that includes copying existing information from all kinds of documents and tables.
  2. You always have a handy help function at your disposal. And do you still have problems with a certain function?  Create a ticket and keep an eye on your mailbox: the answer will often come faster than you expected.
  3. Do you have tips for improvement and expansion? AdminPulse takes the suggestions into account in their planning and often the tip is already included in the next release. This way, the program will always be 100% compliant with the wishes of an accounting firm."
Marc Bosschaert - Coopfabrik

"When we learned that AdminPulse was coming out, we immediately jumped on the bandwagon. A simple and handy tool according to the quality that we are used to from Syneton".

Bram Vermeulen - Zaakvoerder BIFAS - Fiscale Accountants
Customer testimonial AdminPulse software office management accountants cloudsolution
Review AdminPulse software office management accountants cloudsolution

"Very pleased with AdminPulse.
I think it's an added value that it's a cloud software. It is also clear and easy to use.
Syneton is always working on optimizing the product, which in my opinion is an absolute added value."

Nancy De Bolle - Zaakvoerder Debonafisc

"As a starting digital accountancy office, the choice of AdminPulse was a logical choice to digitise and automate our internal administration. The cloud application also provides fast support and regular updates make it a dynamic product that responds to the changes in the sector."

Mathias Rosseel - Zaakvoerder Vanhaecke, Devriendt & Rosseel
Customer testimonial AdminPulse software office management accountants cloudsolution
"I'm always bragging about AdminPulse to my colleagues."
Meryem Hocalar - Director MHFisc
"AdminPulse is a huge help for the operation of our accountancy office: done with the lists, checklists, and lists of lists. In AdminPulse you have a clear and detailed view on task flow, compliance, invoicing, etc. It freed us from time-consuming organizational hassle, so we could spend our time much more productively. Thanks to the intuitive interface and extensive support, AdminPulse was also easy to implement and integrate into the day-to-day operation of our office."
Wouter Haegebaert - Director Haegebaert boekhouding en fiscaliteit

"Our profession is evolving rapidly, we are overwhelmed with new tools, software, ... Syneton also approached us to present their new office management tool, AdminPulse.
As an experienced Admin-Is user, we initially reluctantly allowed the demos.
However, due to the enthusiasm of the employee, this was also skipped at our office.
A better presentation of the relations, the ability to quickly draw up all the documents for the anti-money laundering legislation, the completely renewed task board, the better presentation of the invoicing, the digitisation of the sales invoices, etc., appealed to us.
As a result, we decided to switch to AdminPulse.
Renewal takes time, they say, now switching is not always easy, but thanks to very good support from the support service and the excellent functioning of the ticketing, we managed to switch quite quickly.
Today we are very pleased that we made the switch and that it went quite smoothly.
In addition, we regularly receive feedback from the innovations that are added in AdminPulse."

Dirk Boon - Zaakvoerder Boekhoudkantoor Dirk Boon
"I'm very satisfied with AdminPulse. I like to use it very much. Especially the task management and the AWW. I also use hourly registration, but not the billing module. I am reassured that this program thinks of everything for me: 😊".
Tinneke Grauwels - Ariadne Boekhoudkantoor
"Very happy with the switch from Excel sheets to AdminPulse: has already saved me quite a lot of time and money. 
The program is very user friendly and the wishes of the customer (as far as possible) are often met."
Linda De Sutter - Zaakvoerder De Sutter Boekhoudkantoor
About the use of POM within AdminPulse:

"In order to respond to the trend of digitisation of payments, we immediately decided to offer our customers the convenience of POM; we are also super satisfied with this, because we notice that our customers pay faster and no longer wait until the due date.
The structured communication also comes on top of the payment, so that we can take this off more quickly. This works great for us."

Kelly Deblauwe - DK Kwadraat

"Before I got to know AdminPulse, I had to use different applications, an Internet customer management application, a service tracking in Excel, a billing program, etc. AdminPulse is therefore above all an integration tool for me. But then extremely effective!
A customer is created in a few seconds via ECB and a contact via his eid card.
A standard mission letter - adjusted by yourself - with ECB information and the eid is created in half a minute.
The client's admission is completed by the electronic questionnaire in AdminPulse (including anti-money laundering legislation). 
The tasks necessary for customer follow-up are then generated for the customer (from customizable examples). They are automatically integrated into our general planning.
Tracking these tasks is child's play (slide to the right - start and stop the stopwatch).
And invoices are a real gem - several models, again customizable, are available - for me, the MAX is to attach a complete description of the tasks performed to the invoices I send to my customers, to justify my services.
The follow-up of payments, the transfer of sales invoices to my accounting software are also very efficient.
And that's not all! There is still the AdminPulse team, which improves the product several times a year, regular video training and, last but not least, first-class support.

AdminPulse is a product I've been waiting for for a long time. This is really an example for the sector! Hats off to the whole team!"

Chrétien Chabot - Chris Accounting
"I needed a flexible and efficient programme for the total follow-up of my newly started office. Due to previous experiences with the Consult version, I immediately ended up at AdminPulse. As a result, I don't miss a single deadline, I am always in compliance with the anti-money laundering legislation and all hours are neatly recorded."​​​​​​​
Thomas Goossens - Zaakvoerder Thomas Goossens Boekhouding en Fiscaliteit
"The ideal help to remember everything!
Whether it's fences, ID card data, declarations or the UBO register, it's enough to use an existing task or create one, with all the steps, and finish what's being done.... 
It is also possible to generate fixed or timed service times for certain steps. 
The efficient assistant for less stress."​​​​​​​
Anne-Lise Lefebvre - Zaakvoerder Alizephyr