Fright of the Cloud

Fright of the Cloud
Is my data safe in the cloud? What if I can't access my data? What if my cloud server fails? What do these providers do with my data? Cloud is expensive, isn't it?
In this short blog post we explain exactly how it works!

Is my data safe in the cloud?

With cloud computing, you use a provider's servers instead of your own. The security depends on the provider's security. This is how Microsoft's cloud solution Azure does it:

  •     The servers are located in bunkers, 20 floors below ground level.
  •     There is 24/7 monitoring.
  •     To enter a bunker, you first have to pass through several secure locks.
  •     Hackers are stopped by very advanced firewalls, among other things.
  •     All data is encrypted, so that it is meaningless for those who do not have the right keys.

Of course, Microsoft doesn't tell you all the details about their security. We are sure that no accounting firm can match this level of security ;-)

What if I can't access my data?

No cloud if there is no internet.

Nowadays you can have a good internet connection anywhere, anytime. If you often lose your internet connection, you can certainly do something about it. Talk to your internet provider about this!

What if my cloud server fails?

Actually, your data is not on 1 server. The data is stored on multiple servers that overlap. If one server fails, another takes over. The servers are also regularly updated, much more often than you would buy a new server yourself. 

What do providers do with my data?

All data is encrypted on the servers. This makes them unreadable for those who do not have the keys. Even the provider does not have the keys. Make sure you work with a provider whose servers are located in the EU, so that they definitely comply with the GDPR legislation.

Cloud is expensive, isn't it?

Cloud is cheap if you compare it with the costs for your own server! You pay for your own server:

  •     The server (computer) itself
  •     The software licenses for the server
  •     The room where the server is located
  •     This room should have a constant temperature (air conditioning!).
  •     This room is preferably dust free (regular cleaning).
  •     The server (and air conditioning) consume a lot of electricity
  •     Someone to maintain the server
  •     Backup system and someone to monitor it
  •     Disaster recovery system and someone who controls it

If you are using cloud servers, you don't need all this anymore! 

Working in the cloud has even more advantages:

  • No more worries about software licenses, that's what the cloud provider takes care of.
  • No more worries about updates, that's what the cloud provider does.
  • No more worries about backups, the cloud provider also takes care of that.
  • Because all your data is in one place, in the cloud, it is always up-to-date.
  • If your data is in the cloud and your laptop is broken/lost/... If your laptop is broken/lost/... then you can still access your data from another computer!

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