Automatic hour registration for your accountancy practice

with AdminPulse and ClockAssist

Automatic time registration for accountants in AdminPulse with ClockAssist

Do you like time registration?

Neither do we! During work, time registration is often neglected. At the end of the working day, you probably don't remember what you did, for whom and how long it took. It is difficult to register your time correctly.

Why is time registration important?

If you bill by the hour, it is obvious that sloppy time registration costs you revenue. But also if you invoice in other ways it is important to know how much time you spent with each client. Do your flat rates or abonnements cover your costs? After all, you want the customer to bring you something, don't you?

So always try to motivate all your employees to fill in their timesheets correctly!

That is why you can now register time automatically!

Registering hours is important, but nobody likes to do it. That is why you can now automatically record your work done: AdminPulse integrates with ClockAssist, a software that automatically maps out your working day while you focus on your work.

ClockAssist will create an overview, and only you will be able to see and edit that overview. If everything is to your satisfaction, you transfer the overview to your time clock. That's it!

See how it works

Concerned about privacy? 

Very understandable, so are we! ClockAssist guarantees that only you see your registrations. At the end of the day, all users get an overview of their own day. No one else has access to this data. 
The users can edit everything in their own overview: delete, add or change registrations. It is this final overview that will appear in AdminPulse.

Want to use ClockAssist?

You can start using it right away in AdminPulse. Contact and we will set up the integration for you.

You can find price info on our prices page.

Automatische tijdsregistratie respecteert jouw privacy

ClockAssist pays for itself

Here you can find a  ROI calculator in Excel which shows that ClockAssist pays for itself quickly.