Accountancy: how your office still finds good candidates

Accountancy in 2020: how your office still finds good candidates
Do you know that 45% of Belgian companies have difficulty finding employees (source: FEB)? Accountancy firms also have a hard time finding employees. Unfortunately, there is no prospect of improvement in the short term.
According to the VDAB, the scarcity on the labour market is caused by:
- Too few graduates from education
- Insufficient qualifications among the candidates
- Difficult working conditions

It is difficult to do something about the few graduates from education, but you can do something about the other 2 yourself. Curious? This blogpost shows you how!

Insufficient qualifications among the candidates

Okay, a few applications came in, but the white raven's not in there... With a little bit of bad luck, there's not even anyone you can turn to right away. Does this mean your search is hopeless? Not at all! 
General skills, social skills, eagerness to learn and motivation are very valuable qualities that the candidates might have.

Take another look at the tasks in your accountancy firm. Perhaps employees do tasks because they do them, and not because they are best placed to handle them. Can't you redistribute those tasks? Is there a range of tasks that are suitable for the applicants, possibly after some further training?

Are there tasks that are still being done but that are actually no longer needed? 

Are there tasks that you can outsource?

Are there tasks that you want to digitalize but have not gotten around to due to lack of time, for example? Believe me, you will never have a sea of time left to deal with this digitization! Continuing to postpone the digitisation will lead you to a LUDIP office. Curious about what that means? Rudi Cleymans explains it to you in this video.
Digitisation frees up time. We can help you with this, don't hesitate and contact

Difficult working conditions

Now that the labour market has become so tight, candidates may be more picky. And why would they want to work in unpleasant conditions?

Make sure candidates google your accounting firm and look at your website and social media accounts. This is how they try to soak up the atmosphere. Make it easy for them to find the information you think they should! 

Make sure your website and social media accounts stand out positively. These 4 ways will help your accounting firm to stand out from the crowd:

Employee bio

Let your employees introduce themselves. What are they proud of, what drives them? Even more fun is a video. You really score with this, because applicants are very curious about their future colleagues!


Post videos, photos and a short report of every trade-related event that someone from your accounting firm attends. This shows that your firm is active and involved.


Show the expertise of your accountancy firm: discuss cases on your site and on your social media channels. This is also interesting material for future clients!


Ask all your employees to share the vacancies. Creative minds in the office? Let them come up with a post that suits your office!