5 reasons to work "ON your business" instead of "IN your business"

5 reasons to work "ON your business" instead of "IN your business"
You can work in your business all day long; there is always something to do. That feels nice and productive but can also be overwhelming: there is no end to it and the work is never finished. If you only work in your business, you will quickly reach a ceiling.

You are so busy with your daily tasks that you can't see the whole thing anymore. You don't have time for that either, because those tasks have to be finished! 

Is that really the case? These are 5 reasons why working at the business pays more than working at IN: 

Creativity booster

Get to know new people, find new environments, learn new skills and you'll see that this will bring many new ideas to your business. 

Learn what you can automate

Everyone has routine matters that can be automated. And even though it might be about small tasks that require less attention, many small ones make a big one! 

You'll learn what to outsource and what to stop

As you work more closely with your business, you will discover that you may be better off outsourcing some things. Or don't need it at all. 

You learn what you can delegate

Do you really have to do everything yourself? Delegate more and let your employees grow. 

This is how you can continue to grow

Working at your company creates room for growth.