5 golden tips to make your life easier in managing your accountancy firm!

AdminPulse 5 golden tips to make your life easier in managing your accountancy firm
Mistakes frustrate, cost you time and make you feel bad. That's why we give you 5 golden tips that will make your life easier and help you avoid mistakes!

Tick off tasks automatically

AdminPulse recognises receipts and can automatically tick off tasks based on those receipts. This ensures that you have fewer open tasks and can immediately see which customers you do have work to do! It saves you time and gives you peace of mind because you have a better overview. So do it immediately! Read how to set it up here.

Use integrations

Are you entering the same data in different applications? Oops! A mistake is easily made and hard to detect. AdminPulse can exchange data with other packages. Here are a few examples: Your outgoing invoices automatically appear in Octopus, documents are retrieved from MyMinfin every night, and through Codabox you automatically read in coda files and reconcile paid invoices.

Our partners and ourselves have already made a large number of integrations that you can use. Is the integration you want not listed? Then you can make it yourself! Via the API (your IT expert will certainly understand what this is), this is done in no time. 
So don't keep retyping things, but make sure they are automatically shared between the various applications!
Your IT-er can find documentation on the API here.

Keep your mandates up to date via CSAM

On the government portal (CSAM) you can download your list of mandates and upload it in the document management of AdminPulse. Do this regularly, so that your powers of attorney are always correct!
You can read how to do this here.

Customer mails

If you use Outlook in Office 365, put all your customers' e-mail addresses in AdminPulse, and their mails will automatically be saved in the correct customer dossier. It is easy to find an e-mail quickly!
This is how you set it up.

Invoice automatically

Make sure that all your customers have an invoice planning linked to them, so that you never forget to make an invoice!
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